Mini Camera Connected in Wifi via Phone

👀 Keep an eye on what is important to you and be alerted if something happens.
▶️ Record 24 hours a day by leaving the camera connected to USB.
🔋 Wireless autonomy is 6 to 8 hours, depending on the mode used.
🔴 The camera can store videos on the memory card without a Wifi connection.


Secure payment

Camera size (1,2x1,3 in depth)

Compact & Multipurpose

Place your camera anywhere in your home thanks to its mini size and installation accessories.

Camera size (1,2x1,3 in)
Dealeez mini camera support

The Dealeez mini wireless camera will be your daily partner for peace of mind. Keep an eye on your home, pets or car from a distance while being notified of what’s happening on your phone. Hide the camera in your home wherever you like with the set of accessories included in the box.

Dealeez mini camera placed on a shelf

Hide the mini camera anywhere

Between two books in the living room, on a high piece of furniture or next to the hall cupboard, you'll always find room to place the micro camera in the most appropriate place.

Night vision

Film in low light or in the dark and still have great visibility.

Motion detection

Receive a notification on your phone if motion is detected in a selected area on your recording.

Only available with a good Wifi signal

24h/24 surveillance

Leave the camera connected to USB to record up to 7 days of continuous video on the micro SD card.

120° viewing angle

Wide-angle video so you can hide the camera in a corner of the room or on a piece of furniture.

HD recording

Save video files in 1080p on your phone and in 720p on the micro SD card (not included).

Live viewing

Check your phone at any time to see live video from your camera.

Only available with a good Wifi signal

Multifunctional application

The HIDVCAM application is available for iOS and Android free of charge.

Up to 4 cameras

Manage 4 cameras at the same time on the same application to enjoy surveillance of several locations in the house.


Stay informed if something happens thanks to motion detection notifications.

Secure video

Give access to the camera to whoever you want via your HIDVCAM account, several users can view the live video.

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What's inside the camera box?

Dealeez mini camera

Mini camera

Dealeez mini camera support

installation bracket

Flexible USB charging cable

Flexible USB
charging cable

Rigid USB charging cable

Flexible USB
charging cable

User manual of the Dealeez products

User manual
in English

You can choose from a wide range of accessories, such as a pivoting wall bracket or glue dots to hang your camera wherever you like.

Simply insert the micro SD card into the camera and switch it on to start recording. If you wish, you can connect your camera via Wifi to enjoy all its features.

Yes, the video is recorded on the micro SD card (not included).

The camera’s wireless autonomy is 6 to 8 hours depending on the mode used, so leave the mini camera plugged in via USB to enjoy 24-hour surveillance.

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