LED worklights – Rechargeable & magnetic light two pack

🌟 Versatile & Powerful: The Dealeez rechargeable LED light can be used as a torch, hand lamp and work light, perfect for mechanics, building sites, workshops, garages and camping.

💡 5 Lighting Modes: Choose among high/low white light, flashing or fixed red light or LED light mode.

🔨 Robust & Durable: Designed to withstand the tough conditions of building sites and garages, this Dealeez rechargeable LED lamp is the ultimate lighting tool for professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

🧲 Magnetic & Portable: With its solid magnetic base, this worklight is easy to attach to metal surfaces for hands-free lighting in your workshop, garage or worksite.

🔋 Set of 2 & Rechargeable: Enjoy two rechargeable LED lights for better coverage and longer use. Recharge easily with the micro USB cable supplied.


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360° rotation
Light the way you need to, whatever the circumstances.
USB rechargeable
Two recharging cables are included with the set of two work lamps.
Extended autonomy
Long battery life of 4 to 8 hours, depending on the lighting mode used.
Magnetic base
Attach the lamp to any metal surface (car bonnet, shelves, etc.)
Suspension hook
Removable attachment hook so you can leave the lamp hanging while you go about your business.
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The Dealeez rechargeable LED worklight is an indispensable tool for mechanics, building sites, workshops, garages and even camping. With its multiple functions, it combines the advantages of a torch, a hand-held light and a work light in one practical and powerful product.

Thanks to its 5 lighting modes, you can choose the brightness that best suits your situation. Whether you need a high or low white light, a flashing or fixed red light, or simply an LED light, the Dealeez lamp will meet all your needs.

Its robust and durable design makes it a reliable companion, capable of withstanding the tough conditions of building sites and garages. You can rely on this lamp to provide effective illumination for your professional or DIY work.

One of the strong points of this worklight is its solid magnetic base. This makes it easy to attach to any metal surface, providing practical hands-free lighting in your workshop, garage or worksite.

This set of 2 rechargeable LED lights gives you better lighting coverage and longer run times. You can recharge them easily using the micro USB cable supplied, making them practical and economical lighting companions.

Dealeez worklight in a work suit pocket

Foldable, light
& ergonomic

Take the Dealeez LED worklight with you wherever you go, thanks to its small size and light weight.

5 Lighting modes
White 100%
5 Lighting modes
White 40%
5 Lighting modes
Torch light
5 Lighting modes
Fixed red
5 Lighting modes
Flashing red
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What's inside the lamp box?

Two Dealeez worklights, one open and one closed
Worklight x2
Micro USB charging cable
Micro USB
charging cable x2
User manual of the Dealeez products
in English

Yes, the Dealeez worklights are designed with an angle adjustment mechanism, allowing you to direct the light to suit your specific needs.

Yes, the worklights are specially designed to withstand shock and vibration. They are durable and suitable for use in demanding environments.

The Dealeez worklights can be easily recharged using the USB cable supplied. Simply plug the cable into a USB power source, such as a computer or wall charger.

The lighting range depends on the mode selected, but in general, the worklights offer a satisfactory range for effectively illuminating your work area.

Yes, the Dealeez worklights are water and moisture resistant, making them suitable for use in damp or rainy environments.